Comfort Plus Shoes & Footcare is your source for Ziera shoes for women in Kansas City. Ziera has combined years of experience, knowledge of materials and the intricate mechanics of the foot in their shoe design. With this understanding of foot science Ziera has developed the best possible solutions for women’s feet of all shapes and sizes. These shoes are made with maximum comfort, durability, and your feet, at their heart.

In other words, shoes that must live up to the every day demands of individuals getting on with their busy lives. Shoes that must look as good as they feel. Knowing you want to express your unique style, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Ziera believes that standing on your own two feet, being the best you can be, championing what matters to you shouldn’t be painful.

Shoes that let you get on with being you.

About Comfort Plus Shoes & Footcare

We’re Kansas City’s full-service orthopedic and comfort shoe store, dedicated to improving your foot function, comfort and performance. With a wide selection of brand-name and custom-made footwear options, our mission is to fit you correctly with the best shoe for your purpose.