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Comfort Plus Shoes is your source for kyBoot shoes in Kansas City.  The primary aim of kybun MechanoTherapy is to help you walk actively and to help you strengthen and move your feet. This is made possible by the soft, springy polyurethane that is used in the production of kyBoot air-cushion soles. 

Inside the kyBoot shoe, the wearer’s foot rests directly on a soft, springy sole, which provides the foot with maximum freedom of movement in all directions. The combination of elasticity and freedom of movement in all directions trains the musculature. It protects the joints and relaxes the back muscles more than is possible with any other footwear.

The kyBoot is made to be worn all day, every day. It is particularly suitable for people whose jobs require them to stand for long periods of time and perform intense physical activity. Its soft, springy kyBoot sole (air-cushion sole) prevents heavy legs, burning feet, back pain and vein problems. Since its soft, springy material is always dynamically adapting to the shape of the soles of the feet, kyBoot shoes are the perfect solution for all foot problems. kyBoot shoes are perfect for athletes to wear while warming up or cooling down after a training session or sporting event.

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